Becoming a member of  Madison Newcomers Group is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and learn about the commmunity!

A note to our new and returning members about MNC membership, benefits, privacy, and communications:

Membership dues are what keep the club ticking! We want prospective members to have a chance to see the benefits of membership, and so we welcome you to attend up to two meetings before requesting dues payment. After the October General Meeting, event invitations and newsletters will be distributed to paid members only. The Facebook Group is a private page open to members only. Invitations to monthly general meetings will continue to be sent to everyone on the MNC distribution list, regardless of member status.

Policy to ensure the privacy of our membership:

The Madison Newcomers Club (MNC) directory, related contact information, and email lists are expressly for the use of paid members only. No member's contact information is to be shared outside of the organization without her permission. MNC does not allow for direct marketing to our members through emails, phone calls, websites, Evites, mailing lists, or private events.  In addition, members may not use the organization to advertise or promote a for-profit business or personal charity except on specific occasions where the entire membership is invited to present and notified in advance that they will be solicited. On occasion, MNC may partner with local businesses that support our organization through hosting meetings, advertising or special promotions for our members.

The Madison Newcomers Club (MNC) Facebook page is an open social communication forum for paid members and alumnae only.  MNC does not take responsibility for or endorse any of the opinions expressed on the page.  MNC Members are not to publish any content that can be considered confidential, defamatory, harassing, or that can create a hostile environment. If these policies are not followed, a member’s Facebook access or membership in MNC may be in jeopardy or revoked pending Board review.

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Please submit your dues of $70 for the 2019-2020 year. If you are a new member submitting an application, please also submit your dues. You can submit one of the following ways:

1. Pay via PayPal

1. Give your dues to Kim Rausch, Treasurer, at an upcoming general meeting.

2. Mail your check to MNC, PO Box 1405, Madison, CT 06443

Want to check it out before you commit? No problem! Attendance at your first
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Membership dues are requested before attending your third

Questions? Please contact Jen Gordon at